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During your stay at our hotel, take the time to discover the pretty town of Pontorson. The municipality, which neighbours Mont Saint-Michel, takes its name from the Norman leader Orson, who built a bridge over the Couesnon in 1031.  Originally called Pont d'Orson (Orson's bridge) the name eventually changed into Pontorson.

Strolling along its roads, you will discover an architectural heritage that reveals the city's rich history. Start with Notre-Dame church, founded at the behest of William the Conqueror, which features four different architectural styles: pure Romanesque, transitional Romanesque, 13th century Gothic and 15th century Gothic.

Its western façade is particularly stunning with its portal and two Romanesque towers. Another major monument in the town is Guischard de la Ménardière house, also known as Romanesque house. Probably built starting in the 12th century and modified later on, this house still has a beautiful façade containing numerous windows. During your weekend in Normandy, you could also take advantage of the many marked trails near Pontorson to discover the area on foot. Explore Moidrey windmill, the flora and fauna of the marshlands, the polders and, following the banks of the River Couesnon, you can even reach Mont Saint-Michel on foot.

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For a romantic weekend away, Mont Saint-Michel is undoubtedly a dream destination. Located 10 kilometres from Pontorson and our hotel, this marvel of Western art possesses an exceptional charm imbued with mystery and magic.

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Perfectly located on the border between Normandy and Brittany, our hotel is the ideal place to stay to discover various exceptional sites.




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Our hotel, in the Manche department is the perfect place to stay to discover the beautiful region of Normandy.





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